Why use the right tool for the job when you can use the wrong tool and pretend to be really clever on the internet?

This is a prototype RPG-style battle system with simple mechanics, written in Inkle's Ink framework, because why not?


You start each battle with 6HP. Your foe also starts with 6HP.

Attack damage is random between 1 and 3.

You have a dodge chance, depending on your previous action.

  • If you attacked and missed, your dodge chance is low.
  • If you attacked and hit, your dodge chance is normal.
  • If you choose to dodge instead of attack, your dodge chance is high.

You can try to flee the battle, but your success chance depends on your dodge chance and the enemy's dodge chance.

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AuthorNicholas Udell
GenreRole Playing
Tagsink, Strategy RPG, Text based

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